My name is Annlouise Linde Anderson and I am from Sweden. My bachelor is in social work (socionom) and I started off working as a social worker/ counselor in both health care (Karolinska Hospital Stockholm) and schools (Europa Skolan, Strängnäs/ Malmköping). And later on, I continued my studies and education to become a therapist with focus on relationships.

Over the years, I have studied courses in "Ethics and Outlook on life", "Cognitive Behavioural Therapy" and "Motivational Interviewing", “Supervisor training”, as well as “Leadership training”. I have made great use of these courses and knowledge in my profession.
Furthermore, I have courses in “Crisis and grief processing”, I have studied theology and also attended courses in counseling. And therefore, used to meet people with existential questions as well as those who have an existential crisis and/ or are in a difficult place in life.

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